Thursday, August 19, 2010


Cte ary nie. ase2 ape? hehe. cte ary nie tntg 
File Formats 
taw ke ape 2? ha! nie yg aku nk cte nie.
tp jgn tekejot lak kalo aku de pki loghat omputeh. 
Al mklmla. aku nie bkn nye pndi ckp omputeh nie.
kalo slh 2 hrp2 dimaapkan ye. hehe. :))
Aku ase jrg org dga format2 nie. meh aku explain ye.
file format 2 ade byk jns. mcm sayo la plak de byk jns. hehe.
haish! lmbt lak aku nie. merepek lak. hehe. jgn marah lorh. sbr ye. hehe. :))
bnde 2 adelah. JPEG, RAW, TIFF, PSD, DNG, CR2, NEF..
ape bnde la nie kan. yg da taw 2 senyap2 je ye. hehe. :))
JPEG- aku ase yg nie msty korg bese dga kan..taw ke ape JPEG 2?
JPEG 2 adlah Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG nie file nye salunye 
format yg da di compressed. Like all forms of compression, some data is thrown away 
to make the file smaller more manageable. The biggest limitation of JPEG is that u
cannot edit and save ur image again without throwing away even more information.
The more u edit, the worse the quality gets.
RAW- file format nie x uncompressed. kalo compressed format- 1 for JPEG, some 
RAW formats- save space at the expense of information. 
RAW nie size nye besar sbb die xmcm JPEG.
RAW nie cm manual la. Kte yg kene olahkan nye. RAW nie heavy processing.
RAW nie size die lbh 4 or 5 kali lg bsr dr JPEG.
TIFF, BMP- nie pon uncompressed formats. which record the full range of RGB
(or CMYK)luminance values for each pixel, resulting in lossless data storage,
but also huge files. BMP (bitmap) files are limited to RGB and 8 bit, but TIFF
files are not limited in bit depth or color space. These are the best way of 
maintaining optimal quality, but at the expense of memory.
PSD, DNG- nie adobe format. 
PSD (Photoshop). DNG (Digital Negative). The former allows unlimited 
layers to be saved in an uncompressed form. Useful for saving
edits and versions in one file if u plan to re-edit later. The latter is a 
camera native RAW format.

Ok. nie saja tok ary nie. sbrg pertanyaan atau komen boley wt kt shoutmix chat. 
bye. bye. 

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